Hi, I am Iván Barcia a UI engineer based in Galicia, northwest Spain.

I am interested in CSS, JavaScript, design, digital products development, and all about frontend stuff.

Currently, I work as a UI engineer at RedRadix, and these days it's common for me to work with frameworks like Next.js, Astro, and Shopify.

I have several years of experience working on the web. I am passionate about everything related to interface creation, programming, and the development of digital products. My strongest skills lie in web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Accessibility, Web Standards, etc., and I have worked with the main tools associated with these technologies.

But I don't believe that the tool is the most important thing. I love trying out new technologies and continuously learning.

I am also very interested in design, and I don't see the web development process as always linear. Instead, I believe that disciplines like design and development should constantly overlap and provide feedback to each other. Having knowledge in both disciplines greatly helps me excel in each of them. I particularly enjoy working with design systems.

To improve my design skills, I trained at the Instituto Tramontana, and for everything related to the web and programming, I am mostly self-taught.


  • RedRadix


    RedRadix is a Madrid-based company that provides design and technology services to other businesses, helping them build their digital products.

    My role here is primarily as a UI engineer, assisting other companies in constructing their products. It was a wild change for me to transition from a product-focused company to a service-oriented one, but the variety of projects and technologies I engage with on a daily basis greatly contribute to my professional growth. Additionally, skills such as project management and client relations become increasingly important. I typically work with Next.js or create stores with Shopify.

    Here, I’ve been involved in projects for clients such as F.C. Barcelona, Meliá Hotels, and GitHub.

  • OpositaTest


    OpositaTest is the most prominent online study platform for competitive exams in Spain, with over a million students and an incredible team. It is located in A Coruña (Spain). I joined the company when there were just over 10 employees and left when they had around 50.

    My role here involved building the interface for both the public website and the private area where students took tests. I also contributed to the creation of a design system, both on the UI and development fronts, establishing the necessary structure for scalability over time.


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